• Walnut or red oak magnetically assembled rings. Ultra high resolution gallery quality vector print of The Wormhole Stage backdrop. Remote coloured RGB bulb activates print 120+ settings

This limited edition release is printed to award winning SBL7 backlit film, and magnetically assembled between two walnut ring-frames.

With pure vector precision, this symmetrically perfect and psychedelically captivating piece commands attention and amazement.  

  • • Printed to specialized award winning SBL7 backlit film, exceptional black point retention
  • • Walnut ring frames magnetically assemble
  • • Programmable bulb with 120+ settings
  • • 8.5" X 19"


The Lumid™

Product Type:

Inspired backlit table lamp

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Backlit with RGB (colored) bulb
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Magnetic Assembly

Vaughn Warren and Electric Love Music Festival

  • Product Specs
  • About the artist
  • Delivery
  • Magnetic assembly with 4 rare earth magnets
  • Printed to award winning SBL7 backlit film
  • Art sealed with thermal laminate treatment for longevity
  • Walnut ring frames
  • Acrylic feet
  • 6ft cord with bulb socket on/off switch
  • Remote controlled RGB (color) bulb with 120+ settings
  • Up-cycled handcrafted bulb base
  • Quick shipping and made in British Columbia, Canada

You may recognize this incredible graphic from the breathing, psychedelic stage production of The Wormhole. One of the 5 seasoned production companies that make up the Electric Love Music Festival. See event here: https://electriclovemusicfestival.com/info


Leave No Trace:

We encourage attendees to take their waste out when they exit and help leave the venue better than when they arrived. To help avoid a festival where people trash the place and rely on festival staff to pick it up. Let's create awareness and encourage people to take care of the communities that they live in and the planet they live on.


Electric Love takes great pride in trying to provide the most affordable prices so as many people from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds can attend. We Strive to bring quality international acts while still keeping the pricing within reach for all to attend.


Electric Love Music Festival is for everyone. Try to create a welcoming and open environment to create community. It does not matter what age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation that you identify with: You are welcome at Electric Love. Our staff and volunteers are trained to make sure that these values are enforced, and anyone who feels discriminated against is encouraged to approach any staff to express their concerns.

NO Cultural Appropriation:

Electric Love Music Festival discourages the current trend of ‘costumes’ or accessories that appropriate cultural heritage (such as headdresses). We encourage creative and authentic self-expression but not acts that can be seen as encouraging colonialism or racism.

Drug/Alcohol Free Event: 

Anyone caught with or doing any illegal substances will be escorted from the event and may face legal consequences. We care about the safety of all patrons so we also have staff prepared to deal with any medical related medical emergencies.

100 mile DJ:  

We seek to facilitate the growth of local artists careers by booking the majority of our artists from within the region where Electric Love Music Festival events are held. We also strive to have a roster of DJ's make year after year appearances so that they can build a following that can be identified with the Electric Love experience.

Self-Expression & Participation:  

We encourage self-expression as a gift. Transformative change, be it personal or societal, can be achieved through participation. Doing is Being.

Quality of Sound:  

The Electric Love Music Festival is dedicated to the utmost in sound quality. Sound is human interpretation of vibrations present in a solid, liquid, gas or plasma. When one is deeply, emotionally involved with quality stereo sound a space of light, colour and energy can open up within and the listener becomes the sound. It is a place where much can be experienced and learned. With depth of sound quality music can link us to the fundamentals of creation. Electric Love thus provides our patrons with the industry's most cutting edge sound systems, from internationally acclaimed brands such as PK Sound and Funktion One

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Visionary art in colored motion

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The Lumid is the worlds first magnetically assembled gallery quality light sculpture.

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