Basel Contour Backlit Lamp 15

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Celebrate the awe of The Wild with this premium wall canvas in magnetically assembled pine frame.


  • Handmade pine frames
  • Rare earth magnetic assembly
  • 24" x 15"
  • Great value
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My Basel Backlit lamp arrived yesterday after only 3 days. Just set it up and I'm blown away!

- Tim Brown

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  • RGB app controlled bulb brings stunning color and motion
  • Quality handmade walnut rings made with care by artisans in Canada
  • Rare earth magnetic assembly
  • Up-cycled bulb base and 6ft power cord included
  • 15" tall X 8.5" wide
  • Amazing value

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The Lumid is the worlds first magnetically assembled gallery quality light sculpture.

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The remote controlled bulb does really great things to my photo. A little cheasy but I actually use it for a nightlight and it looks great. Quality.

- Tim H

Quick turnaround

Into it!!! Uploaded the wrong image the first time though. Getting another sent.

- Jaff J

Love them

My Lumid is a natural extension of living with cameras. I can choose color and texture from my world and create harmony in my apartment, at a bonkers price.

- Robyn B

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