Bass Sloth by Dela | 8.5" X 19" Backlit Art Lamp

Make your space your own with a little Bass Sloth. This backlit art lamp by Dela celebrates vibrancy, the magic of the animal kingdom, and calls in a playful and relaxed backlit aura into any space. The remote RGB bulb brings an attractive motion to the art as it changes color. The warm white light has 4 brightness settings to bring ambiance and inspiration to any room.

  • • Printed to specialized award winning SBL7 backlit film, exceptional black point retention
  • • Walnut ring frames magnetically assemble
  • • Programmable bulb with 120+ settings
  • • Print is sealed with industry leading liquid laminate for UV protection and longevity
  • • 8.5" X 19"



The Lumid™

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Visionary backlit table lamp

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Backlit with RGB (colored) bulb
Gallery quality and UV protection
Magnetic Assembly

Dela Backlit Light Sculptures

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Earliest memory of drawing was around age 4, mostly comic book superheroes. I remember drawing buildings too. There was something about getting the right dimensions of them.

My cousin Abe Ponce and my grandfather Enrique de la Cruz were two huge inspirations at that time. With my cousin I developed an imagination by playing with toys and making sets for them. Jungles, caves, concert halls, buildings. Everyday was an adventure. The other kids had nothing on our large scale toy worlds.

With my grandfather I developed a love for my surroundings. He would take me to the park and we would feed bread to the ants. He would ask me to watch them work. We would do this a lot. He was an amazing person to have in a house full of kids with sponges for brains.

Moved to Puerto Rico. I was surrounded by music, nature, by green, by water. This was truly an adventurous place. Smell the forest. Drawings around this time turned to the beauty of sunsets, water, vegetation, music (salsa and reggae), surfing, sound, and mostly, dreams and girls.

I got used to not sleeping much, maybe 2-3 hours a night. I would draw with pencils and pens all night. Tried my first attempt at painting with my mother’s ceramic paint. Success. I liked it.

Sometimes I would go 2-4 days without sleep and feel proud. Being delirious was fun! I started jotting down everything I dreamed. I was getting very colorful dreams and started drawing them.

After being accepted to an art school in Florida but deciding last minute not to go (expensive), I still moved to Florida. I had to get a job. Worked for the mouse. I was still drawing but mostly I was influenced by tattoo art. I partied more and slept more.

Being on your own is definitely an amazing experience but I must say I had no guidance. I would draw and believed something would come my way, that I would be discovered. This never happened.

After moving to a friend’s house with a massive wall, I asked if I could make one or two paintings. He said yes... What started as two pieces became 24 pieces. Some were bad, some were ok. But a passion for painting was born.

July 2011
Moved to San Francisco, started selling small originals at Oakland's First Fridays. After one year, started live painting at Temple Nightclub. Met some of the most prominent visionary artists in the Bay Area. Started the festival circuit as a live painter. Gained a social media following.

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  • Magnetic assembly with 4 rare earth magnets
  • Printed to award winning SBL7 backlit film
  • Art sealed with thermal laminate treatment for longevity
  • Walnut ring frames
  • Acrylic feet
  • 6ft cord with bulb socket on/off switch
  • Remote controlled RGB (color) bulb with 120+ settings
  • up-cycled handcrafted bulb base
  • quick shipping and made in British Columbia, Canada
Visionary art in colored motion

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The Lumid is the worlds first magnetically assembled gallery quality light sculpture.

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