Emily Kell's work often celebrates the divine feminine. This stunning backlit art lamp depicts a pensive Goddess of the Sea. This Goddess feels great influence and connection from the moon and draws power from being able to handedly ride the tides. The remote RGB bulb brings an attractive motion to the art as it changes color. The warm white light has 4 brightness settings to bring ambiance and inspiration to any room.
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  • • Printed to specialized award winning SBL7 backlit film, exceptional black point retention
  • • Walnut ring frames magnetically assemble
  • • Programmable bulb with 120+ settings
  • • Print is sealed with industry leading liquid laminate for UV protection and longevity
  • • 8.5" X 19"


The Lumid™

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Visionary backlit table lamp

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Backlit with RGB (colored) bulb
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Magnetic Assembly

Emily Kell Light Sculptures

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Emily Kell is a Colorado based artist who was born in Alexandria, VA and graduated from SCAD-Savannah in 2012. In recent years, Emily has spent much of her time traveling the world and spreading artwork at festivals and concerts, as well as painting murals, designing clothing, and live painting at musical events. Emily celebrates the divine feminine and the personal and global metamorphosis that she encounters in her daily experience, as well as through meditation and spiritual practices. She ties together themes of overcoming restrictive modern concepts of female beauty, celebrating the ancient goddess and a return to the knowledge that she represents, and the magical healing powers of nature. Emily’s artwork explores the multifaceted power and mystery of womankind. It deals with themes of metamorphosis, and shows women through an ethereal and otherworldly lens. Her artwork witnesses the spiritual journey of women, and their relationship to the divine. Using herself and the women in her life as inspiration and as models, she creates works that are intended to speak to the entire human family, but are also intimate and personal to herself and her experience. Emily reveals much of her own personal journey through her poetry, which is written in a secret language throughout the work.

please become a fan on facebook www.facebook.com/emilykellart
or check out my website to see my event calendar, blog, and more: emilykell.com and visit me on instagram at emilythefunkypriestess

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  • Magnetic assembly with 4 rare earth magnets
  • Printed to award winning SBL7 backlit film
  • Art sealed with thermal laminate treatment for longevity
  • Walnut ring frames
  • Acrylic feet
  • 6ft cord with bulb socket on/off switch
  • Remote controlled RGB (color) bulb with 120+ settings
  • up-cycled handcrafted bulb base
  • quick shipping and made in British Columbia, Canada
Visionary art in colored motion

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The Lumid is the worlds first magnetically assembled gallery quality light sculpture.

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Fibonacci Goddess by Emily Kell

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