Want to design your own backlit light sculpture? Looking for something to do with your favourite photo or to make a unique gift for someone?

Email your photo to hello@thelumid.com after checkout and we'll contact you if we need any more specific information in order to make you a perfect backlit lamp.

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Custom Backlit Light Sculpture / Table lamp / Gallery quality Art Accent lamp

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Backlit with RGB (colored) bulb
Magnetic Assembly

Unique Gift
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Here at the Lumid we want to empower people to make custom decor. Not sure what to do with your favourite shot? Want to celebrate your space and your adventures with a memory lamp? Look no further!

Checkout and submit your image to hello@thelumid.com
We'll reach out quickly and show you how the photo adapts to the Lumid and get your input before sending it to print.

If you are a wiz: 300 - 600 DPI | Adobe (1998) | Canvas size : Standard size is 15.20" X 26.9" or 11.75" X 26.9"

Or you can choose any height of up to 15.25" and this will be the height of your Lumid.

Free shipping in North America

International Delivery

We now deliver to over 160 countries. For more information and a list of delivery options. Usually around $20-40 for international shipping.


Returns are not FREE. You can return to our warehouse. You have up to 28 days from receipt of your order to return items to us.
217 Victoria Street West, Kamloops BC, V2C 1A4 Canada

  • Magnetic assembly with 4 rare earth magnets
  • Printed to award winning SBL7 backlit film
  • Art sealed with thermal laminate treatment for longevity
  • Walnut ring frames
  • Acrylic feet
  • 6ft cord with bulb socket on/off switch
  • Remote controlled RGB (color) bulb with 120+ settings
  • up-cycled handcrafted bulb base
  • quick shipping and made in British Columbia, Canada

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The Lumid is the worlds first magnetically assembled gallery quality light sculpture.

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