How The Lumid Began

 My name is Ethan, the founder and lead designer at The Lumid. I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia and I grew up exploring the outdoors. I wanted to create a company that allows people to bring beautiful glowing images from the world back into their living spaces or businesses.  

The Lumid is a magnetically assembled table lamp that uses 2 recycled paper rings, red oak, and a specialized gallery quality paper that lets light pass through. I've chosen a fabric cord and have two bulb options.  

5 years ago I had a vision that I would start my own lighting/decor company. I felt let down and shocked at the prices of cool lighting at stores and there was nothing customizable. It was also static.  

As a Photographer and Industrial Designer I know the importance of durability, while achieving gallery quality. That's why we print with an industry leading Canon Pro-series printers.  We use an award winning backlit film that's specially designed for this application. Then we use a special liquid laminate that will protect your Image against degradation.  

Expect variety from your decor. Static decor is no more.