Best photographer gifts in 2020

What to get!? We all have photographers and art enthusiasts in our life. These days incredible cameras and gear abound. The options seem endless. The features seem endless and daunting. But luckily there are some amazing options for gifts for photographers in this buyers market. The Lumid should be near the top of many peoples lists in 2020. 

Decor has been static FOREVER. And lighting has been exceedingly expensive for so long. What will emerge at the intersection of photography and decor, and offer incredible refinement and value? The Lumid is the world's first gallery quality customizable backlit lamp. Choose one of our standard models for your gift and once the user has this new table lamp they are able to realize the limitless options for applying their own photos and art to it. 

Be a brilliant lamp designer, or give the gift of variety and customization. True photographers will thank-you. 

The Lumid is a new achievement in cheap gifts, that are well made, refined, and offer incredible custom interaction for the photographer, the artist, the painter, and others.